The Ascot product offering includes a range of furniture supplied to offices, conference and training centres and universities.

More recently, with the acquisition of highly reputable agencies such as Colged, Ghidini, Grandimpianti, Imesa, Dexter, Firex and LG, we have enhanced our reputation as a supplier of choice within the hospital industry, supplying the likes of hotels, B & B's, resturants, recreation centers and clubs.

Laundry Equipment


Grandimpianti I.L.E. is an Italian company operating since 1972 in the production of industrial washing machines and laundry equipment for small and medium laundries that proposes a complete range of systems for washing, drying and ironing.


Imesa is a leading company in the production of laundry equipment. We achieved this goal thanks to more than 40 years of total commitment to the continuing challenges to satisfy the growing technological expectation of human beings and meetings changes in lifestyle


The company’s productivity, as well as its aim to meet any market requests, led to the current ample and well-structured fleet of machines, composed of different product series such as steam irons, manual, semiautomatic and automatic electric steam generators, manual and pneumatic presses, spotting tables, vacuum, blowing and up-steaming ironing tables, topper for trousers, form-finishers and finishing cabins and leather equipment

LG Commercial

LG Electronics, Inc.(LG) is a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, mobile communications and home appliances, employing more than 86,000 people working in 119 operations including 103 subsidiaries around the world.

Kitchen Equipment


Colged is a leading-edge company for whom innovation, quality, professionalism and full staff involvement are the elements that make it the world leader in professional glasswashing by the number of machines produced.


Italian made, high quality kitchen equipment such as Tilting Pans, Cooking Pots, Fryers and also includes modular cooking equipment.


For 40 years we have been one of the leading manufacturers of machines for the food industry and catering equipment, producing highly automated innovative cooking systems that allow savings in terms of energy and resources. We select the best raw materials and constantly check all phases of production through a certified quality system.

With the implementation of a dedicated division, we are also in a position to offer a complete range of laundry equipment to any of the above mentioned facilities as well as to specialised Laundromats.